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Ron Pearson

Ron Pearson, the plant economist, has extensive experience in the preparation of accounting in the company, is engaged in document circulation, preparation and sending of accounting and tax reports to regulators, a specialist in the preparation of training programs, an online consultant on issues of finance, accounting, and reporting. Email:, Phone: 484-995-5921

Sales And Use Tax

The total combined rate may not exceed 0.5%, so the statute provides mechanisms for credits and revenue sharing to make sure this limit is not exceeded. Submitting this form will add your email address to our mailing list. The combined tax rate is th... Read more

Certified Public Accountant Cpa

I was fortunate to get a job offer from a mid-size CPA firm in New England while I was a senior in college, and I spent many years working there as an auditor. Over 40 of the state boards now require applicants for CPA status to complete a special ex... Read more

How Is A Voucher Used In Accounts Payable?

If you are going to create the payment in the next batch of automatic payments, you enter the prepayment voucher and then follow the regular procedures for processing automatic payments. To make the payment using manual payments, you create the prepa... Read more

Variable Cost Definition

Using the same example above, suppose company ABC has a fixed cost of $10,000 per month to rent the machine it uses to produce mugs. If the company does not produce any mugs for the month, it would still need to pay $10,000 for the cost of renting th... Read more

Equity Market Definition

Only "accredited" investors, those with a net worth of at least $1 million, can take part in private equity or venture capital partnerships. Such endeavors might require the use of form 4, depending on their scale. For investors who have don't meet t... Read more

How Can The Irs Fresh Start Program Help Me?

The main focus of the IRS Fresh Start Tax Program is to reduce the burden of back taxes for citizens and small businesses during temporary financial difficulties. It offers various measures to help you settle your back taxes quickly and easily. As al... Read more